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      Welcome to the website of Jiangsu Dalongkai Technology Co., Ltd.
      HPA Automatic Horizontal Baler
      HPA125 Automatic Horizontal Baler


      HPA series automatic horizontal balers are suitable for packaging and automatic bundling of waste paper (cardboard boxes, OCC, newsprint, etc.), waste plastics (plastic film, turnover boxes, PET bottles, etc.), straw and other loose objects.


      ① PLC control, man-machine interface (touch screen) and window type monitoring, synchronous action indication and error warning, the length of the packet can be set.
      ② Floating necking design is conducive to automatic distribution of pressure on all sides.
      ③The feeding port is equipped with a distributed shearing knife, which has high shearing efficiency.
      ④ Automatic strapping to increase the speed of packing.

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