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      Welcome to the website of Jiangsu Dalongkai Technology Co., Ltd.
      Y82 Vertical Baler
      Y82 Vertical Baler


      Y82 series vertical balers (manual tying) are widely used for compression and packing of loose materials such as cotton yarn, waste cotton, cloth, sack, and hair balls. The density of the bales is high, and the overall dimensions are uniform, which is suitable for the needs of container shipping. This series of balers are also suitable for the compression and baling of waste paper (boxes), waste plastics (films, bottles), straws, and thin metal materials.


      ① Packing pressure ranges from 3 tons to 315 tons, with complete specifications;
      ② Hydraulic drive, using top-mounted oil cylinder;
      ③ All oil cylinders adopt imported sealing rings.

      Vertical baler: waste paper, waste plastic baler

      Technical Data Sheet:

      Vertical baler: PET bottle baler

      Technical Data Sheet:

      Vertical baler: hair ball baler

      Technical Data Sheet:

      Vertical baler: oil drum flattening machine

      Technical Data Sheet:

      Vertical Baler: Scrap Metal Compactor

      Technical Data Sheet:

      Vertical baler: cloth, sack baler

      Technical Data Sheet:

      Vertical baler: yarn, waste cotton baler

      Technical Data Sheet:




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