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      Welcome to the website of Jiangsu Dalongkai Technology Co., Ltd.
      WS Container Shear
      Horizontal automatic Shearing Machine

      WS series horizontal automatic shearing machine is used for shearing all kinds of light and thin materials, metal structures.  


      Overall structure:     Composed by three systems: mechanical system, hydraulic system and electrical system

      Mechanical system: Composed by base, blade rack, pressure plate and etc;

      Hydraulic system:    Hydraulic  press cylinder, fuel tank, hydraulic station, hydraulic pipeline and etc;

      Electrical system:     Control system and operating system.


      Max Cutting Force 


      Blade Length


      Shear Height (mm) Production Rate(t/h)



      WS-400 400 1400 300/420 4-7 74
      WS-500 500 1400 300/420 6-9 90
      WS-630 630 1400 300/420 8-15 110
      WS-800 800 1600 420/500 12-18 220
      WS-1000 1000 1600/2100 420/500 15-25 275

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