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      Welcome to the website of Jiangsu Dalongkai Technology Co., Ltd.
      WS Container Shear
      Hydraulic Scrap Metal Container Shear

      Product description

      This horizontal metal shearing machine is suitable for cutting metals with different cross-sectional shapes in the cold state, such as round, square, trough, angular, I-shaped, plate-shaped and various scrap metal structures. It brings convenience to the packaging, storage and transportation of metal scrap, and also provides qualified charge for the smelter.

      Technicial Specifications

      Model Max Cutting Force(Ton) Blade Length(mm) Shear Height(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(KW)
      WS-630 630 1400 300/420 8-12 90
      WS-800 800 1600 420/500 12-18 180
      WS-1000 1000 1600 420/500 15-25 225


      The machine has a wide range of applications and is a processing equipment for metal recycling stations, factory foundries and mechanical construction industries.

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      No. 29,Panlongshan Road,
      Jiangyin City,Jiangsu Province,China
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